What is 1NS Wireless City?
1NS Wireless City is an Initiative Project Negeri Sembilan Government that provide Internet access platform by using wireless broadband technology to the public in focused areas throughout Negeri Sembilan.
What are the objectives of the 1NS Wireless City?
1NS Wireless City is implemented in order to offer Internet access to all the people of Negeri Sembilan in the wireless broadband technology based on Streamyx. Through 1NS Wireless City, State intend to create a wireless broadband environment that provides access to the Internet at any time and anywhere stay connected anytime, anywhere in the focus areas of the public.
How customers can sign up to use wireless broadband access in the 1NS Wireless City?
Customers can sign up to use wireless broadband access which is available via the Landing Page
Can you explain more about the portal, Landing Page 1NS Wireless City?
Through the Landing Page, users only need to register their name, IC/No. and handphone No. to get an ID and password for free. ID and password will be sent to the user via registered mobile phone number. Next the user can log in via provided ID and password for free.
What locations are included in the coverage of this project?
The 1NS Wireless City seven locations are:
No. Locations
1. Ibusawat TM Seremban
2. Terminal 1
3. Royale Bintang Hotel
5. Wisma Arab Malaysian
6. Lake Garden
7. Recreational Park
8. Majlis Agama Islam NS (MAINS)
9. OneXOX, Dataran Centrio
10. Mahligai Impian, Dataran Centrio
11. Ibusawat TM Rantau
12. Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Rantau
13. Pusat Khidmat ADUN Rantau
14. Senawang Land Office
15. Menara Optometry
16. Nilai Municipal Council (MPN)
17. Nilai Plain (Clock Tower)
18. Nilai Mosque
19. MURNI Nursing College
20. Kompleks Futsal Nilai
21. MPPD shoplots
22. Night Market Site Pole
23. MPPD Kiosk (1)
24. MPPD Kiosk(2)
25. Tourism Office
26. Teluk Kemang Plain Pole
27. Cshell
28. Ibusawat TM Rembau
29. Rembau Commuter Station
30. An-Nur Rembau's Mosque
31. Kompleks Arena Agora
32. Tampin District Council
33. Tampin Post Office
34. Tampin Prime Hall
35. Tampin Mini Stadium Pole
36. Public Toilets (Near the Arena Complex)

What are the advantages and benefits enjoyed by 1NS Wireless City?

With the implementation of 1NS Wireless City:

  • It can improve the image of Negeri Sembilan Government as the first state to provide wireless broadband infrastructure as a whole (seamless) to the realization of the National Broadband Initiative (NBI).
  • Expanding the use of ICT-based broadband and Internet thereby stimulate the development of domestic industries.
  • Strengthening State Government services to improve the quality of work and productivity of state government departments.
  • The availability of broadband connectivity at any time in respect to the attractiveness of locations to the public, entrepreneurs and companies as well as tourists to Negeri Sembilan.
  • Allows people in Negeri Sembilan to communicate with each other wherever they are located.
  • Helping the less fortunate to enjoy the benefits of broadband use, thus bridging the digital divide in Negeri Sembilan.
  • Enriching the people who lives in Negeri Sembilan to the use any broadband applications as part of the lifestyle.
Will this project increase the Internet penetration rate in Negeri Sembilan?
Yes, the project is expected to increase Internet penetration rate in Negeri Sembilan where it can also help the less fortunate to enjoy free Internet service using wireless broadband.