1. What is the Portal NS?
      NS Portal is an acronym for the Negeri Sembilan Government's Official Portal. Negeri Sembilan Portal is a gateway to information and services of the Negeri Sembilan Government through the Internet.
    2. Why Negeri Sembilan Portal was created?
      During these days, Negeri Sembilan government has provided most of the information and services through online and Negeri Sembilan Portal designed is to provide convenience to the public to access information and services provided.
    3. Who is allowed to access and use the NS Portal?
      In general, the Negeri Sembilan Portal can be accessed by all levels of society. However, there is some information and services that require you to register as a member.
    4. Does Portal's privacy policy? Does my use of or access is monitored and recorded?
      All access to and use of your NS Portal will not be recorded. For more information, please visit the "Privacy and Security Policy" at the bottom of each page.
    5. How do I contact the Negeri Sembilan Portal?
      You can contact:-
      Corporate, Innovation and Quality Unit,
      Negeri Sembilan State Secretariat Office
      Level 4, Block D, Wisma Negeri,
      Jalan Dato Hamzah, 70503 Seremban,
      Negeri Sembilan

    6. How to find positions in state government or other department in the Negeri Sembilan Government?
      Vacant positions in the Negeri Sembilan Government in war-highlight the Web through the state of the Government, the Agency Website, bulletin board Negeri Sembilan State Secretariat Office and a letter to all heads of departments in the NSW Government Administration for their information and ads placed in notice boards of the respective departments.
    7. If you have any other questions, please click here: Feedback