Seremban, July 22, 2019 (Korporat SUKNS) - Five departments and agencies rated excellent on the compliance with financial management regulations were State Secretary of Negeri Sembilan Office, Department of Syariah Judiciary, Nilai Municipal Council, Port Dickson Municipal Council and the Department of Veterinary Service.

According to the 2018 Auditor-General’s Report Series 1, the financial management performance at 11 departments and agencies in Negeri Sembilan for 2018 showed that five departments and agencies achieved excellence and six departments and agencies were rated as good.

Meanwhile, the six department and agencies which were rated as good were the Rembau District and Land Office, Department of Social Welfare Malaysia, Jelebu District Council, PLAN Malaysia@Negeri Sembilan, Rembau District Council and the Agriculture Department.

However, the report said that several departments and agencies must seek to improve and strengthen their internal financial control to prevent a repeat of the issues raised and reduce the risk of more serious non-compliance.

In this regard, they must take appropriate measure such as ensuring the knowledge and skill of the officers involved in financial management be boosted by giving apt training on a continuous basis. In addition, an evaluation of the skill and capability of the officers concerned must be conducted from time to time.

Other actions, namely, comprehensive examination must be conducted to determine whether the weakness which was raised by the National Audit Department also occurs in other areas since the auditing conducted by the National Audit Department is based on limited samples and scope.

This is to ensure that corrective and preventive actions are taken on the issue raised by the National Audit Department and the Internal Audit Unit while the department head take appropriate measures on the officers who are identified as having perpetrated serious non-compliance to the point of causing losses to the government and tarnishing the image of the government.

The report also urged that departments and agencies endeavored to create a work culture based on best practices to maintain the excellence in the level of performance in financial management whereby the Second edition of the Book on the Excellence of Financial Management from the Perspective of the National Audit Department could be used as a source of reference.

In addition, conducting closer supervision on the work done by subordinates involved in financial management to ensure stipulated government regulations were always complied with.

There must also be hands-on involvement in financial management and implementing job rotation every five years on officers who were given financial responsibilities especially acceptance management, procurement and expenditure to ensure there was no room and opportunity for the officers to commit serious non-compliance.

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