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  • Menteri Besar Fund Management System
    developed for use by the Office of the Chief Minister of the state for the launching of donations or grants from the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan.

  • eHelpdesk
    used by the Information Technology Management Unit , Office SUKNS in managing complaint and maintenance of ICT goods.

  • aims to record and provide a centralized reference for the purposes of reporting and monitoring staff attendance.

  • Pemantauan Pengurusan Aset
    This system application developed to assist the administration of the State Secretariat Sembilan , in order to monitor , supervise and maintain the Asset Management / Storage.

  • e-Gerak
    Aims to record the movement of officers and staff of the Office of Secretary of State.

  • ePENS
    An application that is used in the Housing Unit SUKNS for dealing with applications for housing and public housing revenue collection in the state . Spens system consists of application modules and module quote. Application Module function is to manage the registration of low- cost public housing applications for public and private housing projects . Whereas functional modules to manage and monitor the collection of revenue taverns low prices.

  • Social Network Security System (JKS) Version 2.0
    an online system that serves to store and synchronize data in Negeri Sembilan beneficiaries through the various agencies involved . The agency is the Department of Social Welfare State ( JKMNS ) , the Islamic Religious Council ( MAINS ) and the Department of & nbsp ; of Orang Asli , Negeri Sembilan ( JAKOA ).

  • Training Log System
    built for the employees of the government to present the course and print reports more efficiently. This system is in line with the government to create a presentation and storage more secure technology and reflecting the current technological development.

  • MyMeeting
    is a comprehensive meeting management system with features provide a checklist of preparatory meetings , the attendance of management meetings, meeting minutes online entry etc.

  • 1Daftar
    used for the purpose of registration of events organized by the unit of the Office of Secretary of State.

  • Village Development and Security Committee (eJ3K)
    serves to store and monitor information Chairman, Secretary and Member of the Village Development and Security in Negeri Sembilan . User system consists of state employees Unit , Office of Secretary of State.

  • eRating System (Customer Satisfaction Rating Electronic System)
    is a facility provided to the customer in order to provide feedback or ratings for each counter services offered by the agency / department electronically.

  • Sistem Maklumat Kenderaan Warga Wisma Negeri
    used to facilitate the management of parking at Wisma Negeri.

  • Medal System
    manage and monitor the work of the nomination and registration process investiture ceremony in Negeri Sembilan . User system consists of personnel Management Council and Protocol Unit , Office of the Secretary of State.

  • RatingNS System (RatingNS)
    an evaluation system implemented for the purpose of auditing the self - auditing of all departments / agencies under the State Administration of Negeri Sembilan.

  • Generic Office Environment - Electronic Government Document Management System (GOE-EGDMS)
    is an application that allows the management of the office environment , documents, tasks and meetings held with more efficient electronic.

  • Paparan Acara Wisma Negeri
    Event Display System Wisma Negeri used to record the official events at Wisma Negeri that will be displayed through the tv display in the lobby of Wisma Negeri.

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